Honey Bee Venom
Honey Bee Sting Therapy


It is well known bee sting therapy has really good result in stopping pain.
In USA and Canada there are many MS (Multiple Scloses) patients using bee sting method to release their pain. You can get many information from web sites found by "Bee Venom" in these countries.

In Japan bee venom sting therapy is used for :
shoulder aches, back lumbago (back ache), neuralgia, conjunction pains from Rheumatism or Multiple Scloses, shingles, cold constitution, recovery from exhaust, wart, muscle pain, hard of hearing,
sterility, menopause and etc.

Now the problem of aftereffect using synthetic steroids hormones is revealed and the new medicine based on bee venom without dangerous after-effect is now widely studied by many medical organizations in the world.

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