History of Honey Bee Sting Therapy
It comes from ancient Greek era

Bee sting therapy was used to relieve soldier's muscle fatigues in their battle field in ancient Greek era. Until now there have been many doctors or scientist who dedicated in clarifying the secret of bee venom.
Between Japanese beekeepers the amazing effects of honey bee sting for many kind of diseases are well known and they have been studying always better method of bee sting therapy. Now the method is improved and the patients are now able to get this treatment with less pain. And now we established Japan Apitherapy Association to study more about Bee Sting Therapy.
In U.S.A. or in Canada some of MS(multiple scloses) patients use honey bee sting to relieve their joints problems and to stop to use dangerous steroids. They are using
direct stings of live bees.
In New Zealand some companies are producing honey with bee venom. But very few people is dedicating in Honey Bee Sting Therapy.

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