Honey Bee Venom
Honey Bee Sting Therapy

Painful, Itchy, Swells

Painful ?

With the image you will be stung by a bee you will believe the bee venom sting therapy is painful. Yes, if the sting stays in the same place for more than 10 seconds, you will start to feel strong pain.
But with a sting less than 2 second, you won't feel intolerable pain or you feel very slight touch of the sting.
When patients get accustomed to this ache, they ask to leave the needle until this strong ache starts.
Sometimes for lumbago (back ache), frozen shoulder we wait this strong ache and make a patient move the suffered part. Most of the patients can move much more than before with ease. But this method can be done to those who are accustomed to bee sting therapy or athletics who normally has more tolerance for bee sting.
When we treat children , we give them a sting less than 0.5 second and they don't feel pain.

Sometimes itchy condition continues few days. You can apply anti-histamine cream to stop itching. You must be careful not to scratch the itchy part to avoid infection.

Swells ?
Sometimes the treated part will be swelled and the condition continues nearly a week. This swell will normally be disappeared without problem.
But when the swell comes from some germ infection after scratching a itchy part it will last longer. You need to apply some anti-infection cream.
Painful, Itchy, Swells
Pain, itching and swell will change by quantity of stimulation of bee sting. Also the condition of patient or the bee itself will effect on these symptoms. You will get these symptoms any time although you did not have any these symptoms in the former bee sting treatments until you will get accustomed to Bee sting therapy.

Anaphylaxis-Shock-Allergic reaction

The most dangerous after-effect of bee sting is shock or anaphylaxis. This symptom can be seen mostly in case of wasp's sting. In honey bee sting therapy there can be also shock as after effect. In honey bee sting therapy there have not been informed the worst result until now. But the practitioner must always be careful about the allergic reaction of each patient to the bee sting , especially before starting the first treatment.

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